The Aesthetic World of Chang Show-foong

Message from School of Chinese

The Aesthetic World of Chang Show-foong

Under the Writer-in-Residence Scheme in the School of Chinese at The University of Hong Kong, each year a writer of high renown is invited to come over to the School and to engage in a variety of activities, which include giving a public lecture, meeting the media, conducting seminars and serving as adjudicator for the creative writing competition. The main objective of this initiative is to foster students’ interest in and further their knowledge of literature.

Professor Chang Show-foong is the Writer for the year 2014 and an exhibition entitled “The Aesthetic World of Chang Show-foong”, which will showcase her creative works, will be held in the Hong Kong University Main Library during the period February 17 – March 3, 2014.


香港大學中文學院駐校作家計畫,每年邀請一位著名作家到訪。作家駐校期間,會舉辦一系列的公開講座、訪問、座談會及創作比賽等活動,以提升同學對文學的認識和興趣。2014年駐校作家張曉風教授的「張曉風的美文世界」展覽,謹定於 2014年2月17日至3月3日假香港大學圖書館舉行。歡迎參觀。