Translating Chinese Masculinities: Chinese Men in Global Contexts

Translating Chinese Masculinities: Chinese Men in Global Contexts
Dates: 12-13 December 2014
Venue: Arts Academic Conference Room, Room 436, 4/F, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
Sponsors: School of Chinese, the University of Hong Kong and the British Academy

The main purpose of the conference is to examine depictions and practices of contemporary Chinese masculinities beyond China’s borders. It aims to formulate new theorisations of Chinese masculinities that take account of the reshapings of Chinese masculinities in foreign settings. Through its focus on developing innovative interdisciplinary methodologies and conceptual frameworks, the conference will make a theoretical contribution to the field of men and masculinities that will go beyond existing cultural histories of Chinese masculinities to develop a critique of dominant Anglo-American models of masculinity. Through the conference and a subsequent edited volume, the participants will forge new understandings of Chinese men and masculinities in differing global contexts.

Day 1: 12 December 2014 (Friday)

9:30 – 10:00: Welcome and book launch

10:00–10:20: Tea break

Session 1 Masculinity and National Difference (Chair: Lucas Klein)

10:20 – 10:40: “Narrating White Masculinity in Rising China,” James Farrer (Sophia University)

10:40 – 11:00: “Negotiating Chinese Diasporic Identities: Sexual Adventures, Transnational Masculinity, and the Search for Homeland,” Wei Wei (East China Normal University)

11:00  – 11:20: “Masculine Persona, Politics and Negotiating Chinese Migrant Subjectivity in Japan, ” Jamie Coates (University of Sheffield)
11:20  – 11:40: Discussion

12:00 – 1:30:  Lunch (Robert Black College)

Session 2  Negotiating Manhood in Hong Kong and Taiwan (Chair: Daniel Vukovich)

2:00 – 2:20: “To Be a Hong Kong Man is to Be a Feminized Man: Negotiating Manhood and Nationhood in the 1990s Hong Kong,” Dixon Heung-wah Wong (HKU), Yvonne Hoi-yan Yau (Lingnan University), Karin Ling-fung Chau (HKU)

2:20 – 2:40: “Between the Lyrics: Transformations in Chinese Masculinities as Reflected in Hong Kong and Taiwan’s Popular Music, ” Catherine S. Chan (HKBU), Kelvin Yu-hin Ho (HKBU)

2:40  – 3:00: “Tasting Food, Tasting Nostalgia: Cai Lan’s ‘Culinary Masculinity,’” Jin Feng (Grinnell College)
3:00  – 3:20: “”Don’t Dress Like a Xiaojie—Negotiating Gender, Class and Heterosexual Sex in Sex Tourism among Taiwanese Men,” Mei-hua Chen (National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan)

3:20  – 3:40: Discussion

3:40  – 4:00: Tea break
Session 3 Chinese Masculinities in the West (Chair: Travis Kong)

4:00  – 4:20: “Diasporic Chinese Masculinities and the Rise of China: Professional Chinese Men in the UK,” Derek Hird (University of Westminster)

4:20  – 4:40: “Chimerican” Men in Generational Perspective: Gary Locke, Jerry Yang, and Jeremy Lin,” Staci Ford (HKU)

4:40  – 5:00: “‘North American Despicable Man’: Race, Class, Sexuality and the (Re)making of Chinese Masculinities  in the United States,” Xia Zhang (Manhattanville College)

5:00  – 5:20: Discussion

End of first day

Day 2 13 December 2014 (Saturday)

Session 4 Transnational Chinese Masculinities in Film and TV (Chair: Chris Berry)

9:30  – 9:50: “Transnational Chinese Masculinity in Film Representation,” Sheldon Lu (University of California at Davis)

9:50 – 10:10 am: “Cosmopolitanism with Chinese Characteristics: Transnational Male Images in Chinese TV Dramas,” Geng Song (HKU)

10:10  – 10:30: “Chinese Masculinities in Contemporary European Crime Television Series,” Arnhilt Johanna Hoefle (University of California at Berkeley)

10:30  – 10:50: Discussion

10:50  – 11:10: Tea break

Session 5 Travel and Transnational Subjectivity: Masculinities in Literature (Chair: Sheldon Lu)

11:10 – 11:30: “From Island to Island: Kim Chew Ng and the Figurations of Transnational Chinese Masculinity,” Carlos Rojas (Duke University)

11:30 – 11:50: “Imagining Chinese Masculinities in Anglophone Travel Writings on Yunnna-Burma Borderlands,” Jie Guo (University of South Carolina)

11:50 – 12:10: “Narrative of Remasculization in Ha Jin’s A Free Life,” Su Lezhou (Beijing Foreign Studies University)

12:10 – 12:30: Discussion

12:30  – 2:00:  Lunch

Session 6 Manhood, Nationhood and Fatherhood (Chair: Kam Louie)

2:00  – 2:20: “Breadwinner Overseas or Caregiver at Home? Ideas about Child Care among Chinese Migrant Fathers,” Miriam Driessen (University of Oxford)

2:20  – 2:40: “Chinese Putin,” Svetlana Ilinskaya and Haiping Liu (CUHK)

2:40  – 3:00: “Idealising Fatherhood through Transcultural Media Representation,” Song Lin (CUHK)

3:00  – 3:20: Discussion

3:20  – 3:40: Tea break

3:50  – 4:50: Roundtable – Crossing academic borders:  Do ‘transnational’ masculinities require ‘transdisciplinary’ research methods? (Moderator: Derek Hird)

Kam Louie
Chris Berry
James Farrer
Dixon Wong

6:30pm: Conference dinner (Victoria Harbour Restaurant, Westwood Plaza)