CHIN1213 Folklore and Modern Chinese Culture (6 credits)

School of Chinese
2015 Summer Course

CHIN1213 Folklore and Modern Chinese Culture (6 credits)

This course presents a comprehensive exploration on the prominent aspects in Chinese folklore, including myths, folktales, folk songs, folk performances and arts, folk architectures, folk rituals, and festivals, etc., which have in many ways affected modern Chinese culture and social life. It introduces influential theories in folklore, literature, and cultural criticism to help students reflect on the essential features of Chinese folk culture and its persistence through China’s great social and political transformations in the 20th century. There also are experiential learning activities for students to study some typical folk culture sceneries in Beijing and North China. Site visits include Beijing Folk Arts Museum (Dongyue Temple),Siheyuan/Prince Gong Mansion, Laoshe Teahouse, etc.

This course is one of the 2014-15 “HKU-China 1000 Exchange Scheme” programmes. It is jointly offered by the School of Chinese and the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University. All lectures, tutorials, and workshops are conducted in PKU campus. The Ministry of Education will provide a standard subsidy to cover lodging, local transportation, dining, and other teaching-related expenses. Students are responsible for the round-trip airfare* and personal expenses. They should also prepare authorized travel documents and life/health insurance beforehand.

(* Pre-payments will be collected to book group tickets. After the whole trip is finished, half of the airfare will be reimbursed by the Education Bureau of Hong Kong.)

Priority will be given to Year 1 & Year 2 students in related majors/minors from Faculties of Arts, Education, and Social Sciences.

Credits: 6
Duration: June 28 – July 19, 2015 (22 days)
Location: Peking University
Instructors: Dr. Song Gang (HKU); Dr. Chen Lianshan, Dr. Wang Juan, etc. (PKU)
Teaching Language: Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua)
Learning Activities: Lecture, tutorial, workshop, site visit, group project, term paper
Assessments: 100% coursework
Enrollment: Online via SIS during the Add/Drop period (Jan. 19 – 30, 2015)




(* 機票費用提前預繳,以辦理團體票。全部行程結束後,香港教育局將報銷一半機票費用。)


學分: 6學分
授課時間: 2015年6月28日至7月19日(22天)
授課地點: 北京大學
授課老師: 宋剛博士(香港大學);陳連山博士、王娟博士等(北京大學)
教學語言: 普通話
教學活動: 講座、導修、工作坊、參觀考察、小組項目、學期論文
評核: 平時分(100%)
報名方式: 2015年1月19日至30日,通過SIS網上報名註冊