[ATTENTION] A new course on “Hong Kong Literature (CHIN2172)”


Hong Kong Literature (CHIN2172)

(1) Two courses code numbers CHIN 2172 and HKGS 2014 are linked to the course of Hong Kong Literature. However, neither double enrollment nor double counting would be considered for this course. Notwithstanding any preceding or subsequent enrollment into CHIN 2172 or HKGS 2014, you will earn only 6 credits by taking this course.

(2) If you are interested in taking this course for fulfilling course requirements for your major or minor in BA-Chinese Language and Literature or BA&BEd (LangEd)-Chin-Chinese Language, Literature and Culture, you may wish to enroll into CHIN 2172, but not HKGS 2014. For any enquiries, please contact the subject teacher Dr. Leung Shuk Man via email at leungssm@hku.hk on or before noon, 25 January 2018 (Thursday).

Last updated: 2018/01/23

A new course on “Hong Kong Literature (CHIN2172)” will be offered by the School of Chinese in semester 2 starting from 2017-2018.

For course infromation, please click the link here.