Identities and PassionsA Roundtable Discussion on Recent Research in Chinese Gender and Sexuality

Identities and Passions
A Roundtable Discussion on Recent Research
in Chinese Gender and Sexuality

Time: 9:15am -12:30pm, March 29, 2018
Venue: 436 Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong

In recent years an increasing number of disciplines have been engaged in  the study of Chinese gender and sexuality, producing fresh materials and  innovative insights. While we are gaining a better understanding of the  processes by which Chinese men and women were shaped as gendered  and sexual beings, we are also uncovering new issues and questions that  seem China-specific, and some that need interdisciplinary efforts to  unravel and solve. In this international symposium, we have invited some  of the most active scholars working in the humanities and social sciences  to reflect on current directions and challenges in the study of Chinese  gender and sexuality.

Louise Edwards, School of Humanities and Languages, The University of  New South Wales; Kam Louie, Honorary Professor, School of Chinese,  HKU; Chris Berry, Film Studies Department, King’s College, London;  Clara W. Ho, Department of History, HKBU; Gina Marchetti, School of  Humanities, HKU; Wu Cuncun, School of Chinese, HKU; Geng Song,  School of Chinese, HKU; Travis Kong, Department of Sociology, HKU;  Binbin Yang, School of Chinese, HKU; Pei-yin Lin, School of Chinese,  HKU; Haomin Gong, Department of Chinese, Lingnan University; Yun Zhang, Division of Humanities, HKUST; Dong Miao, School of Chinese,  HKU; Yue Gu, School of Chinese, HKU

All Welcome