[Cancellation of the seminar] 布衣之文:清前期文壇身份意識的強化與文化權力的轉移 “Commoners’ Prose”: The Strengthening of Literary Identity Consciousness and the Transfer of Cultural Power in the Early Qing Dynasty

Please note that the below seminar is cancelled.

2019-20 School of Chinese Seminar

“Commoners’ Prose”: The Strengthening of Literary Identity Consciousness and the Transfer of Cultural Power in the Early Qing Dynasty

Professor GUO Yingde

時間 Time: 2019年11月26日(星期二)November 26, 2019 (Tuesday), 下午5:00-6:30pm
地點 Venue: 香港大學百周年校園邵逸夫教學樓730室 Room 730, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial
Campus, HKU
演講語言 Language: 普通話 Putonghua


During the Shunzhi and Kangxi reigns in the Qing Dynasty, very distinct forms of identity emerged in the literary world. Contemporary “commoner” (unrecruited scholar) and “official” Masters of the Ancient Prose Style were consciously and explicitly differentiated according to their socio-political roles, thus creating a distinction between “commoners’ prose” and “officials’ prose.” In the early Qing, “commoners’ prose” was substantial enough to keep pace with “officials’ prose” or even overtake it, thus promoting a growth in ancient prose output alongside a downward shift of cultural power in literary circles. It was the shared pursuit of early Qing “commoners” in their theory, criticism, and composition to inject ancient prose with superlative spiritual and moral cultivation, including enhancement of the cultural integrity of “the commoners’ prose” through insertion or infusion of the commoners’ personal integrity. However, after more than a century of struggle, by the Qianlong period the “commoners” had finally lost their battle. Scholar-officials reasserted their hegemony in the literary world, and once again it was their criticism and judgement that dominated trends in literary style, “commoners’ prose” gradually losing its former glory.

郭英德,文學博士,北京師範大學中國古代文學、中國古典文獻學教授。出版專著二十餘部,論文二百多篇。代表性著作爲《明清傳奇史》(江蘇古籍出版社,1999;人民文學出版社,2012),《中國古代文體學論稿》 (北京大學出版社,2005)。目前主持國家社會科學基金項目“中國古代散文研究文獻集成”(14ZDB066)。2019年秋季學期,作為香港大學訪問教授,在中文學院講授本科課程“元明清戲曲”和“中國古典小說專題研究”。

Professor GUO Yingde (PhD, BNU, 1989) is Professor of Traditional Chinese Literature and Chinese Classical Philology in Beijing Normal University. He has published more than twenty books and more than 200 academic papers. His representative books include History of the Chuanqi Drama in the Ming and Qing Dynasties (Jiangsu Ancient Books Press,1999; People’s Literature Press, 2012), Essays on the Study of Literary Genre in Ancient China, Peking University Press, 2005). Now he leads the Major Project of the National Social Sciences Foundation of China (14ZDB066) “Collected Sources for Research on the Ancient Chinese Prose.”
In Fall semester 2019, Professor Guo’s undergraduate courses are CHIN2145 Chinese Theatre during the Yuan, Ming, and Qing Periods, and CHIN2173 Topical Studies of Classical Chinese Fiction.

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