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《冥報記》中的敘事認知與社交網絡Narrative Epistemology and Social Networks in the Record of Miraculous Recompense

2020-21 School of Chinese Online Seminar

Narrative Epistemology and Social Networks in the Record of Miraculous Recompense

Dr. Manling Luo
Indiana University

日期Date: May 14, 2021 (Friday)
時間Time: 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
地點Venue: via Zoom
演講語言Language: 普通話Putonghua

Zoom Meeting ID: 927 4049 8537
Password: 144648

這個演講討論唐臨(約602–約661)編纂的《冥報記》裡的副文本 ,即故事集的序言與單個故事的後記。佛教靈驗故事集主要被用於討論中國佛教或宗教文化的發展,文學研究的學者較少關注,因爲這些故事顯得粗糙而重複。我分析副文本而非故事本身來揭示唐臨的敘事認知(他對自己作爲故事講述者的準則與方法的明確與潛在的觀點)與他眼中的社交網絡,以探討中古時期的故事講述作爲一種日常文化如何與宗教文化相交叉。

This talk examines the paratexts in the Record of Miraculous Recompense compiled by Tang Lin (ca. 602–ca. 661), that is, the preface to the collection and epilogues to individual stories. Medieval Buddhist miracle tales have been studied for insights into the development of Chinese Buddhism in particular and religious culture in general. They have received little attention, however, from literary scholars, who tend to judge them as artistically crude and formulaic. Rather than the stories proper, I dissect the paratexts to show Tang Lin’s narrative epistemology (explicit and implicit views of his criteria and methods as a storyteller) and social networks as represented by him. The analysis explores how the medieval culture of informal storytelling intersected with religious culture.


Manling Luo is Associate Professor of Chinese Literature at Indiana University. Her research interests include the social life of narratives, literati culture, gender, and religious literature. Her first monograph is entitled Literati Storytelling in Late Medieval China (University of Washington Press, 2015). She has also published a range of research articles in English and Chinese.

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