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2021/22 School of Chinese Research Student Seminar


The Construction of Cultural Memory and Local Discourse on Late Ming Talented Courtesan

Zhang Qiao (1615-1633) and Lianxiang ji by the Southern Garden Poets

Speaker: Mr. TSANG Ka Yiu Kevin曾嘉堯

Rescheduled Date & Time: Oct 22, 2021 (Fri) 5:30-6:45pm

Venue: CPD-LG.59, LG/F, Central Podium, Centennial Campus

Language: Putonghua & Cantonese


Late Ming talented courtesan Zhang Qiao gained her fame in Canton despite of her young death at 19. She was cherished and memorized by her literature comrades of Nanyuan shishe (The Southern Garden Poetry Society), and her graveyard was relocated by Peng Rizhen, her sweetheart in the poetry society, to a blossoming foothills at Guangzhou. She was commemorated by poets and admirers grandly, with the compilation of Lianxiang ji (The anthology of lotus scent), which included her literature and all the memorial texts as a literary record. Previous research on Zhang Qiao and Lianxiang ji focused the life history and the scholar-beauty literary norms while the literati’s perspectives on talented women could be argued with a close re-reading the texts, especially on the para-texts in Lianxiang ji. This report proposes that the creation of blossoming graveyard and the construction of literary image of Zhang Qiao by Southern Garden Poets in Liangxiang ji are due to their cultural memory by the end of Late Ming and they hoped to establish their local discourse with the literary case of courtesan and literati of Canton to compete to Jiangnan culture.

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