Voluntary Putonghua courses for local undergraduate students

C. Voluntary Putonghua courses for local undergraduate students


2021-2022 年度下學期大學普通話 I 及格名單

2021-2022 年度下學期大學普通話 II 及格名單

2021-2022 年度暑期大學本科生普通話課程招生簡章


普通話 I 申請表格

普通話 II 申請表格


Timetable of CLC

1. University Putonghua I

  • To train Cantonese-speaking students’ ability in speaking Putonghua, as well as the ability in reading and spelling with Hanyu Pinyin.
  • Assessment: 40% coursework 60% examination

2. University Putonghua II

  • To raise the ability of using Putonghua in daily life and to train students to carry on discussions on general topics and deliver speeches in Putonghua.
  • Assessment: 40% coursework 60% examination

3. Business Putonghua

  • To learn terms and phrases used in business meetings and negotiations in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and to develop and reinforce the Putonghua skills the students learned before.
  • Assessment: 100% coursework

4. Putonghua Proficiency Test Tutorial Course

  • To provide language training for students who need to use Putonghua in their workplace or for special purposes. It is a preparation course for the Putonghua Proficiency Test conducted by the State Language Commission.
  • Assessment: 100% coursework

5. Verse and prose recitation

  • To provide training for students the techniques of verse and prose recitation and thus improve their proficiency in Spoken Chinese.
  • Assessment: 100% coursework