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Dr. HUI Chun Hing 許振興博士

許振興博士,香港大學中文學院副教授,負責中國歷史與文化課程的教學工作,多年來任教的本科科目有:宋遼金元史、中國法制史、中國政制史、中國考試史、中國官學與私學史、歷史教育與中國文化、中國歷史專題、中國史學概論、二十世紀中國文化、二十世紀中國史、中國歷史概略、中國歷史專題研究、傳統中國學術思想發展等。許博士發表的著述,除以宋明時期的中國歷史為主,涵蓋法制、政制、教育、考試與經濟發展等範疇外,亦旁涉香港的歷史與經學教育。許博士並擔任有關研究領域的MA, MPhil和PhD論文導師。

Dr Hui Chun Hing is an associate professor of Chinese History and Culture Programme in the School of Chinese. He has participated in the teaching of a number of undergraduate courses in the past years which included History of the Song and Yuan Periods, History of the Chinese Legal System, History of Chinese Political Institutions, History of Chinese Examination System, History of Guanxue and Sixue, History Education and Chinese culture, Topical Studies of Chinese History, An Introduction to the Study of Chinese History, Chinese culture in the Twentieth Century, Chinese history and culture in the twentieth century, Chinese History: A General Survey, Imperial China: Thematic Studies and Intellectual Development in Traditional China. He has published widely on topics related to the history of Song-Ming China, and with special emphasis on legal system, political institutions, education, examination and economic development. He also carries out research on teaching of Chinese History and Confucian Classics in Hong Kong. He has supervised a number of MA, MPhil and PhD theses in his areas of expertise.

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