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Dr. Nicholas Morrow WILLIAMS 魏寧博士

本人為香港大學中文學院副教授、Tang Studies(《唐學報》)主編,研究方向主要是中國古典韻文,還有對文本的英文譯注工作。除了文學內部研究以外,我的研究也涉及比較文學、佛學、中日文化交流、翻譯研究、思想史等領域。近年主要從事《楚辭》的英譯和相關的研究,以及由此發展的辭賦傳統,即將出版的The Fu Genre of Imperial China的賦學論文集是這方面的成果。



I am associate professor in the School of Chinese of the University of Hong Kong and editor of Tang Studies. I study and translate classical Chinese poetry both for its own sake and in the contexts of comparative literature, Buddhist studies, Sino-Japanese cultural interactions, translation studies, intellectual history, and other fields. For the past several years I have been occupied with a new translation and various studies of the Chuci (Elegies of Chu) anthology of poems from Warring States and Han China. This relates to my ongoing interest in the various subgenres of Chinese poetry, as in my edited volume on The Fu Genre of Imperial China, which is forthcoming from Arc Humanities press.

My research increasingly concerns the role of Buddhism in the development of Chinese literature and culture. Two fundamental blindspots of Asian studies are parochial nationalism and reductive materialism, and Buddhism is a valuable corrective on both fronts. It is with this concern in mind that I have embarked on a new project, and am currently on leave from HKU with a Hakuho Foundation Japanese Research Fellowship at Kyoto University, examining “Chinese Rhetoric and the Route to Enlightenment in Kūkai’s Sangō shiiki.”

I came to HKU in 2016, having previously taught at Hong Kong Baptist University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In the School of Chinese I have taught undergraduate courses such as CHIN1118 “Introduction to Classical Chinese Literature,” CHIN2123 “Shi Poetry up to the Nineteenth Century,” CHIN2147 “Reading of Classical Chinese Texts,” and CHIN1120 “Global Approaches to Chinese Literature.”

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