Dr. SOO Yiu Chung 蘇耀宗博士

  • Senior Lecturer
  • BA, MPhil, PhD(HK), DipEd(CUHK)
  • 852-39178478
  • 852-28574477
  • Rm 719, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
  • sooyc@hku.hk


Dr Soo Yiu Chung taught in a secondary school after graduating from the University of Hong Kong. He joined this University in 1994 and has taught the Practical Chinese Language Courses for students of the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Business and Economics, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Social Sciences. He enjoys interacting with students and believes teachers and students will both benefit by learning from each other.

代表性著述 Selected Publications:

  • 2012 Recipes for Migrants: A Cultural Analysis of the Fujian Spring Cake” Humanities and Social Sciences Review, Volume 1, Number 4. CD-ROM. ISSN:2165-6258:1(4):477-492(2012)
  • 2012 蘇耀宗、陳熾洪, 尊道與行道——錢穆《讀明初開國諸臣詩文集》管窺 Respecting and Practising the Way: On Ch’ien Mu’s Upon Reading the  Collected Poetry and Prose of the Ministers Who Founded the Ming Dynasty 廿一世紀儒學教育之發展研討會,二零一二年一月十二日
  • 2011 “The Use of the Modal Auxiliaries“Ying應”and“Xu 須”: A Case of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” International Journal of Arts & Sciences, CD-ROM ISSN:1944-6934: 4(10):267-276[2011]
  • 2009 政治與道德的矛盾:對謝陛《季漢書》的一些觀察 Conflicts between Political Reality and Moral Doctrines: Some Reflections on Xiebi’s Jihan shu《明清學術研究》(北京:中國社會科學出版社,2009),頁264-296
  • 2009 談實用中文寫作教學的文化元素 The Teaching of Chinese Writing: A Cultural Dimension 二十一世紀華語地區中文寫作教學論壇,2009-11-14
  • 2007 15世紀弓角禁貿與明鮮關係初探 The Restriction of Buffalo Horn Trade: A Study of Ming-Cho’sun Relationship in the Fifteenth Century 東西方研究國際學術研討會,2007-10-7
  • 2006 看史只如看人相打—淺論陳亮《三國紀年》A Review of Zhu Xi’s Comment on Chen Liang & Lu Zuqian: The case of Sanguo jinian《江南文化研究》(北京:學苑出版社,2006.9)第1輯,頁190-208
  • 2005 陳熾洪、蘇耀宗, 胡喬木談文字改革 The Reform of Chinese Characters—A Study of Hu Qiaomu’s Views 《語言文字學研究》 (北京:社會科學出版社,2005),頁254-264
  • 2002 陳寅恪〈積微居小學金石學論叢續稿序〉抽稿管窺(上) On the Withdrawal of Chen Yinke’s Preface from Yang Shuda’s Further Essays on Philology and Epigraphy(1)《大陸雜志》(臺北:大陸雜誌社,2002)第104卷第4期,頁42-48
  • 2002 陳寅恪〈積微居小學金石學論叢續稿序〉抽稿管窺(下)  On the Withdrawal of Chen Yinke’s Preface from Yang Shuda’s Further Essays on Philology and Epigraphy(2)《大陸雜志》(臺北:大陸雜誌社,2002)第104卷第5期,頁21-42
  • 2000 從“尊王攘夷”到“攘夷尊王”—論王夫之對胡安國的批評 From‘honouring the emperor and expelling the barbarians’to ‘expelling  the barbarians and honouring the emperor’On Wang Fuzhi’s Critique of Hu Anguo 香港大學中文系集刊(香港:2000)第四卷,頁182-213
  • 1999 船山論趙普管窺 An Analysis of Wang Fuzhi’s Comment on Zhao Pu《明清史集刊》(香港:香港大學中文系,1999)第四卷,頁191-217
  • 1998 實用文教學的一點體會—從魯迅的《致開明書店》到《致章錫琛》Some notes on Teaching Pratical Writings-From A Letter to Kaiming   Bookshop to  A Letter to Zhang Xichen by Lu Xun《中國語文通訊》,1998年3月,第45期,頁1—7
  • 1996 李紈、探春和趙姨娘——試析說話立場與技巧 Li  Wan , Tan-chun and the Concubine ZhaoAn analysis of the    speaker’s position and speaking skill《中國語文通訊》,1996年3月,第37期,頁20—28
  • 1995 說話能力訓練——論委婉含蓄的說話技巧 The Training of Speaking Skill——On Speaking in a tactful and Implicit Way《中國語文通訊》,1995年3月,第33期,頁39—46