Dr. WONG Ching Him Felix 黃正謙博士

  • Assistant Professor
  • BA (CUHK), Postgraduate Research (Tokyo),
  • MA (SOAS, London), PhD (HK)
  • 852-39175291
  • 852-28581334
  • Rm 718, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
  • fchwong@hku.hk

黃正謙博士,香港大學中文學院中國歷史文化助理教授,曾於香港城市大學中國文化中心及香港中文大學中國語言及文學系任教中國經典及中國語文。黃博士專攻中國學術思想史、中國宗教史及中西文化交流史,重點尤在明末清初中國及日本之耶穌會士的傳教工作及文化活動。近年研究則以歐洲漢學為中心(研究計劃:“The Exposition of Confucianism of Guillaume Pauthier (1801-1873) in his Study of the Sacred Books of the Oriental World”)。通中、英、日及歐洲諸國文字。

Dr Wong Ching Him Felix taught a number of courses on Chinese classics and the Chinese language at the City University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong before joining the School of Chinese, HKU in 2013. He specializes in the intellectual and religious history of China together with the cultural interchange between East and West from the Renaissance down to the 19th century, while an enhanced emphasis is laid upon the missionary works and the cultural activities of the Jesuits in both China and Japan in late Ming and early Qing Dynasties. The development of sinological studies in Europe, in particular, will be among the primary foci of concern in his research in the years to come (Ongoing project: “The Exposition of Confucianism of Guillaume Pauthier (1801-1873) in his Study of the Sacred Books of the Oriental World”). Dr Wong reads Chinese, English, Japanese and a variety of European languages.

代表性著述Selected Publications:

  • 2014, 《山海經導讀及譯注》(新視野中華經典文庫), coming soon.
  • 2013, 〈論日本漢學家皆川淇園(Minagawa Kien, 1735-1807)之《助字詳解》〉, coming soon.
  • 2013,〈論耶穌會士衛方濟的拉丁文《孟子》翻譯〉 (On the Latin Translation of Mencius of François Noël, SJ),《中國文化研究所學報》(Journal of Chinese Studies), no. 57 (Jul, 2013), pp. 133-172.
  • 2013, 《經典舉隅 ——「中國文化經典及其現代應用科」資料簡編》(香港:香港城市大學中國文化中心, 2013), 與城市大學中國文化中心11位老師合著.
  • 2012, “The Images of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom as Shown in the Publications in France, Germany and Italy during the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century,” Journal of Chinese Studies, no. 55 (Jul, 2012), pp. 139-174.
  • 2012, 《東海西海,「心」「理」相通 —— 中西文化比較通釋》(香港:中華書局, 2012) (472 pages).
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  • 2010, 〈十六、十七世紀羅馬耶穌會之教育及范禮安主導下之東方教士培訓〉,《漢學研究集刊》(Yuntech Journal of Chinese Studies) 11 (Dec, 2010), pp. 159-210.
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