Ms. LAU Shuk Ching 劉淑貞女士

  • Senior Lecturer
  • BA(HK),Dip.Ed(CUHK),MEd(Sydney)
  • 852-39175203
  • 852-28574477
  • Rm 711, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU


Ms Lau Shuk Ching joined the Chinese Language Enhancement Programme, School of Chinese, University of Hong Kong since 1997. Major research theme is about Practical Chinese writing and teaching of Chinese Language.

Conference Papers:

  • Chan C.M. and Lau S.C.  A Tiny Dot Costs Much: On Joshua Marshman’s Misreading of “Tan”, IJAS Conference Bad Hofgastein, Austria, 2013.
  • Chan C.M. and Lau S.C.  Blended or Bent Standard: Hong Kong’s Chinese characters in the Digital Age, Euro-American Conference for Academic Disciplines & Creativity, organized by International Journal of Arts and Sciences and the Anglo-American University, Prague, Czech Republic,2012.
  • Chan C.M. and Lau S.C.   網站新聞稿——打造企業形象的工具, 信息化時代應用文寫作理論和教學的改革與創新, 2010,西南交通大學出版社
  • Chan C.M. and Lau S.C.  Shift of Character Types of Rhyme in Hongwuzhenyun and Hongwuzhenyun yixun 《洪武正韻》‧《洪武正韻譯訓》韻字字樣異同的考察, The Korean Journal of Chinese Characters, 2009, 1, 149-172 .
  • Lau S.C.  專題研習 – 學習語文的新方向? 『兩岸四地教育改革的實踐與反思』學術研討會2005.
  • Lau S.C.   網絡文化衝擊下的成語教學 , 武漢,湖北人民出版社,2005,頁277-281.