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Ms. ZHANG Wei 張偉女士

張偉于2007年初至2012年8月在香港大學中文學院漢語中心任兼職老師,2012年9月轉爲全職老師,先後在普通話課程、外國人學漢語證書課程和國際留學生漢語課程中任教。 此前,曾于工業界和IT領域從事技術和管理工作多年。

Ms. ZHANG Wei joined the School of Chinese HKU in 2007 as a part-time teacher, and became a full timer in 2012. She has been teaching Chinese as a second language and Putonghua in different programs. She had intensive technology and management experience in industry and IT area before switched career to academic.

Research interests and papers: