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Mr. LO Chung Hang Allan 盧仲衡先生

盧仲衡先生現任中文學院講師‚職銜為“助理課程主任”及“學院秘書”◦ 除了指導長篇翻譯之外,他主要負責中文增補課程的發展與統籌事務以及多種管理與行政工作◦ 他曾開授“語文研究”、“廣告翻譯”及“新聞翻譯”等課程◦ 他的學術興趣包括“敘事文學及傳記文學比較研究”、“神話與小說”、“民間傳說”及“佛教傳記”等◦

Mr. Allan C. H. Lo is currently serving as a Lecturer in the School of Chinese and is holding the functional titles of “Assistant Programme Director” and “School Secretary”.  Apart from supervising Long Translation projects, he is mainly responsible for developing and coordinating all aspects of the Chinese Language Enhancement Programme (CLEP) and for discharging a broad range of duties that are essentially managerial and administrative in nature.  He had taught such courses as “Language Studies for Translation”, “Translation of Promotional Material” and “Journalistic Translation”.  His academic interests include narrative and biographical literature in comparative perspective, myth and fiction, folk traditions as well as Buddhist hagiography.

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