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Dr. PU Fangzhu 濮方竹博士

濮方竹, 北京大學文學學士(2010),香港大學哲學碩士(2012),香港大學哲學博士(2016)。主要從事中國現當代文學,城市文學和女性文學的研究。在楊玉峰博士的指導下完成碩士論文《論池莉小說的城市呈現》和博士論文《中國新時期女性小說中的城市想像》。自2010年始,參與香港大學中文學院的教學工作,曾任「CHIN1103 中國現代文學導讀」、「CHIN1106 詩詞、對聯的欣賞與創作」、「CHIN1107 創意與寫作」、「CHIN2130 現代文學(小說)」、「CHIN2132 當代文學(小說)」等課程助教。

Pu Fangzhu, B.A. (2010) at Peking University, M.Phil (2012) and Ph.D (2016) at School of Chinese, The University of Hong Kong. Her field of research is Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Urban Literature, and Feminism Literature. M.Phil thesis title: “A Critical Study of Chi Li’s Urban Fiction”, Ph.D thesis title: “Urban Imagination in Contemporary Chinese Women’s Fiction since 1976”, both under the supervision of Dr. Yeung Yuk Fung. Since 2010, she has tutored the following courses: CHIN1103: Introduction to standard works in modern Chinese literature, CHIN1106: Poetry and the couplet: writing and appreciation, CHIN 1107: Creative Writing, CHIN 2130: Modern Chinese Literature (1917-1949): fiction, CHIN 2132: Contemporary Chinese Literature (since 1949): fiction.

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