External Projects

Titles Project Holder Start Date Completion Date
The General History of Ci-Fu in the Tang Dynasty Zhan, Hanglun, Dr 2010/10/01 2014/03/31
Mediations of Expression:  How “Exemplary Women” Wrote Their Emotions in 18th-and-19th-Century China Yang, Binbin, Dr 2011/10/01 2014/09/30
Pornography and the origins of early Chinese modernity in the late Ming, 1522-1680. Wu, Cuncun, Prof 2012/01/01 2014/12/31
A Contrastive Analysis of the Language between Shijing and Bronze Inscriptions of the Pre-qin Period Tang, Pui Ling, Dr 2012/01/01 2014/06/30
Selfhood and Authenticity in the Xunzi Tang, Siu Fu, Dr 2013/01/01 2015/12/31
Foreignness, Monstrosity, and the Formation of Chinese Cultural Identity during the Song Dynasty Yue, Isaac Man Cheung, Dr 2013/01/01 2015/12/31
Imperial Patronage and Transfer of Islamic Astronomical- astrological knowledge in Ming China (1368-1644) Fung, Kam Wing, Dr 2014/01/01 2015/12/31
Virtue, Miracle, and Faith: Remodeling the Virgin Mary in 17th-century China Song, Gang, Dr 2014/01/01 2015/12/31
A Study of Fengyu Fu of Ancient China, Korea and Japan Zhan, Hanglun, Dr 2014/01/01 2015/12/31
Cultural Identity and Political Collaboration under Alien Rule: Reorientation of Han Chinese Scholar-officials in the Ming-Qing Dynastic Transition Chan, Wing Ming, Dr 2014/01/01 2016/12/31
兩周金文銘辭文例研究 Tang, Pui Ling, Dr 2014/01/01 2015/12/31
Envisioning Modernity: Popular Culture and Chinese-language Literature from Taiwan under Japanese Rule Lin, Pei-yin, Dr 2016/01/01 2017/12/31
Untitled: On the Cultural Translatability of Li Shangyin’s Poetry Klein, Lucas, Dr 2016/01/01 2018/12/31
Mediations of Expression: How Exemplary Women Wrote Their Emotions in 18th-and-19th-Century China. Funding awarded: HK$347,265.00. Yang, Binbin, Dr 2011/01/01 2015/12/31
Money, Culture, and Social Ascendancy: Learned Women in Mercantile Lineages from Huizhou, 1700-1850. Funding awarded: HK$ 288,000.00. Yang, Binbin, Dr 2015/01/01 2016/12/31
The Literary and Cultural Significance of Cantonese Branch of Nanshe in Modern Context Yeung, Yuk Fung, Dr 2015/01/01 2016/12/31
Masculinities in Chinese Television: Mediating National and Global Identities, HK$327,000 Song, Geng, Dr 2016/06/30 2018/12/31
《尚書》與金文文獻語言的比較研究 (A Comparative Study of the Language of Shangshu and Bronze Inscriptions), HKD$164,998 Tang, Pui Ling, Dr 2016/06/30 2018/06/30
A Vulgar Half-Century: Urban Commoners and the Production of Early Seventeenth-Century Popular Pornography in the Lower Yangtze Delta, HKD$ 373,999 Wu, Cuncun, Prof 2016/06/30 2019/06/30
Poetics of Translanguaging, HKD$ 345,070 Lee, Tong King, Dr – – – –
Teaching and Learning Chinese in Canton and Macao in 1805-15: Abel Yen, the Dictionary Hán-tzé-sin-yih and the Anglo-American Community, HKD$ 282,994 Yeung, Man Shun, Dr – – – –
“Towards a Post-national Practice: Nativist Fiction from Taiwan since the 1990s” Lin, Pei-yin, Dr – – – –
“Reexamining the Nexus of Buddhist Thought and Chinese Rhetoric in Heian Japan” (36 months, HK$298,581) WILLIAMS, Nicholas Morrow, Dr – – – –
Street Literacy: Songbooks and Voices of Lower-Class Urban Women in Nineteenth-Century North China (36 months, 2020-2023, HK$636,570) WU, Cuncun, Prof – – – –
Titles Project Holder Fund Source Start Date Completion Date
Provision of Services for Compilation of a Monograph on History and Development of Water Quality Monitoring and Protection in Hong Kong Fung, Kam Wing, Dr HKSAR Government 2010/10/01 2013/09/30
To compile a Complementary Version of the History of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, 1950-1975 Fung, Kam Wing, Dr Hong Kong Institution of Engineers 2012/08/01 2012/12/31
To compile a Study Report on the History of the Engineering Profession and the Development of Related Association(s) or Institution(s) of the Profession, 1842-1950 Fung, Kam Wing, Dr Hong Kong Institution of Engineers 2011/08/01 2012/09/30
Teaching Legal Interpretation with Authentic Court Data Ng, Eva Nga Shan, Dr Leung Kau Kui Research Fund 2009/05/11 2010/03/10
QEF – A Survey on Humanities Education: Traditional Culture in Hong Kong as a Typical Case Si, Chung Mou, Dr QEF 2011/05/01 2013/10/31
QEF – An Experimental Study on Incorporating Chinese Culture into Chinese Language for Junior Primary Schools in Hong Kong Si, Chung Mou, Dr QEF 2009/09/01 2011/10/31
The First International Conference on Teaching Chinese As a Foreign Language Si, Chung Mou, Dr Sir Kenneth Fung Ping Fan Foundation Trust 2013/07/01 2014/06/30
Cantonese Pronunciation Project Sin, Chow Yiu, Professor Chan Wing Kan Trustee Incorporated 2010/09/13 2012/12/31
Dr. Patrick P.C. Tong Chinese Research Fund Sin, Chow Yiu, Professor Dr. Patrick P.C. Tong 2010/07/16 2014/06/30
HKU Culture and Humanities Fund- A Publication on Lo Hong-lit Sin, Chow Yiu, Professor HKU Culture and Humanities Fund 2008/08/19 2010/06/30
Publish Catalogues of the Major Works of the Wuming Group Wang, Aihe, Dr The Asia Foundation ( Give2Asia ) 2008/12/01 2010/12/31
“Asian Community and Traditional Literary Relationship between China, Japan and Korea” Zhan, Hanglun, Dr One Asia Foundation 2013/09/19 2014/08/31
Peking Opera, Epitheatre and Writing in Nineteenth Century Beijing WU, Cuncun, Prof Australian Research Council 2011/01/01 2013/12/31
Pornography, Urban Commoners, and Early Chinese Modernity in Late Ming Society WU, Cuncun, Prof Harvard-Yenching Institute 2014/08/15 2015/05/31
Negotiating Colonialism: Taiwan Literature under Japanese Rule Lin, Pei-yin, Dr HKU Small Project Funding 2014/05/01 2016/04/30
Popular Literature and Culture of Colonial Taiwan Lin, Pei-yin, Dr Harvard-Yenching Institute 2015/09/01 2016/06/30
External Fund (HK$175,000) for the Research Project entitled “Jing Jiao Studies” Fung, Kam Wing, Dr Research Project January 2016 – –
Antiquities & Monuments Office, HKSAR Government (HK$260,000) for the Research Project entitled “Study on Historic Constructions in Hong Kong” Fung, Kam Wing, Dr HKSAR Government January 2016 – –
Harvard Yenching workshop grant (USD10,000) in January 2016 for her planned workshop entitled “Trans-literary Experiments: Cultural Transformation and Social Change in Modern East Asian Societies” to be held at Harvard University on April 29, 2016. Lin, Pei-yin, Dr Harvard Yenching workshop grant January 2016 – –
Project title: Jury comprehension: English trials heard by Chinese jurors; Amount of award: $ 377,056 (30 months) Ng, Eva Nga Shan, Dr Early Career Scheme – – – –
“Religion, Literature, Recreation and Diplomacy: The Role of Canton’s Haichuang Buddhist Temple in 19th Century China-West Relations” (Grand total: HK$501,560, duration: 24 months) Yeung, Man Shun, Dr Early Career Scheme – – – –
“Literati networks and political culture in the early Southern Song: a study of the social networks of Sun Di and Li Gang” Chu, Ming Kin, Dr Early Career Scheme – – – –
2019 PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grant for Words as Grains: New & Selected Poems by Duo Duo. Klein, Lucas, Dr – – – – – –
Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), A Study on Potential Model for Accreditation & Regulation of Interpreters and Translators in Ethnic Minority Languages in Hong Kong, 2018/19. Amount of award: HK$399,826 (12 months). Ng, Eva Nga Shan, Dr – – – – – –