2021-2022 Handbook

Last Updated: 2021/11/15

目 錄

A組:中國語言文學(一、二年級 初級課程)

Programme-level Outcomes — Chinese Language and Literature

CHIN1103 Introduction to standard works in modern Chinese literature

CHIN1107 Creative writing

CHIN1109 Introduction to Chinese women’s literature

CHIN1115 Study of the Confucian canons and modern society

CHIN1116 General introduction to modern Chinese language

CHIN1117 General introduction to classical Chinese language

CHIN1118 Introduction to classical Chinese literature

CHIN1119 Introduction to literary studies

CHIN1121 / HKGS1002 Introduction to contemporary Chinese literature

CHIN1122 Chinese literature in the twentieth century

CHIN1123 The Story of Mandarin

CHIN1124 Chinese Dialects and Sociolinguistics

CHIN1125 Trends of Modern Chinese Literary Thoughts

CHIN1126 Introduction to classical Chinese popular literature

CHIN1127 A comprehensive survey of Chinese linguistics

CHIN2121 Prose up to the nineteenth century

CHIN2123 Shi poetry up to the nineteenth century

CHIN2125 Ci poetry up to the nineteenth century

CHIN2127 Classical Chinese fiction

(三、四年級 高級課程)

CHIN2122 Prose: selected writers

CHIN2124 Shi poetry: selected writers

CHIN2126 Ci poetry: selected writers

CHIN2130 / HKGS2018 Modern Chinese literature ( 1917-1949 ) : fiction

CHIN2132 Contemporary Chinese literature ( since 1949 ) : fiction

CHIN2136 Classical Chinese literary criticism

CHIN2138 Chinese etymology

CHIN2139 Chinese phonology

CHIN2145 Chinese theatre during the Yuan, Ming, and Qing periods

CHIN2146 The “sickly beauties”: gender and illness in late imperial China

CHIN2147 Reading of classical Chinese texts

CHIN2149 Chinese language from social perspectives

CHIN2151 Gender and sexuality in Ming and Qing fiction

CHIN2152 Literature, modernity and nation in twentieth-century China

CHIN2153 / HKGS2019 Sinophone literature and film

CHIN2154 Taiwan literature from the Japanese colonial period to the 1990s

CHIN2159 Chinese documentation

CHIN2162 / HKGS2020 Cantonese linguistics

CHIN2164 The Analects and Chinese culture

CHIN2168 Modern Chinese grammar

CHIN2169 Modern Chinese rhetoric

CHIN2170 Study of Zuo Zhuan

CHIN2172 / HKGS2014 Hong Kong literature

CHIN2173 Topical studies of classical Chinese fiction

CHIN2174 Literature in Late Qing and Early Republican China

CHIN2175 Historical-Comparative Linguistics and Chinese Dialectology

CHIN2176 Chinese children’s literature

CHIN2177 Chinese lexicology

CHIN2178 Topical studies of Modern Chinese Literature

CHIN2179 Topical studies of classical Chinese popular literature

CHIN2180 Topical studies of classical Chinese literature

CHIN2181 Selected topics in shi poetry

CHIN2183 / HKGS2008 Introduction to Hong Kong Cantopop lyrics

CHIN2184 / HKGS2015 Understanding Hong Kong through mass media

CHIN2185 / HKGS2016 Ghostly Hong Kong: Otherworldly configurations


CHIN4101 Topical research in Chinese language and literature

B組:中國歷史文化(一、二年級 初級課程)

Programme-level Outcomes — Chinese History and Culture

CHIN1201 Topical studies of Chinese history

CHIN1202 An introduction to the study of Chinese history

CHIN1203 Chinese history and culture in the twentieth century

CHIN1205 Chinese history: a general survey

CHIN1206 Introduction to Chinese thought

CHIN1207 Traditional Chinese culture

CHIN1211 Economic and social development in China

CHIN1212 History of imperial China

CHIN1213 Folklore and modern Chinese culture

CHIN1215 History of Religions in Imperial China

CHIN2231 Religious Daoism and popular religions in China

CHIN2241 History of Chinese civilization

(三、四年級 高級課程)

CHIN2221 History of the Qin and Han periods

CHIN2222 History of the Wei, Jin and the Northern-and-Southern periods

CHIN2223 History of the Sui and Tang periods

CHIN2224 History of the Song and Yuan periods

CHIN2225 History of the Ming period

CHIN2226 History of the Qing period

CHIN2233 History of the Chinese legal system

CHIN2234 History of Chinese political institutions

CHIN2235 Sources and methodology

CHIN2243 History of Chinese science and civilization

CHIN2245 History of Chinese examination system

CHIN2246 Historical writings: texts and styles

CHIN2251 Chinese philosophy I : Confucianism

CHIN2252 Chinese philosophy II : Daoism

CHIN2253 Chinese philosophy III : Buddhism

CHIN2254 Christianity and Chinese culture

CHIN2255 Chinese intellectual history(Part I)

CHIN2256 Chinese intellectual history(Part II)

CHIN2259 History of Chinese historiography

CHIN2264 Chinese eroticism

CHIN2266 History education and Chinese culture

CHIN2268 History of China-West cultural exchanges

CHIN2269 History of the Ming-Qing transition

CHIN2272 School education in Chinese history

CHIN2273 Socio-economic history of China

CHIN2274 History of material culture

CHIN2275 The culture of flower in China

CHIN2276 Religions on the Silk Road in ancient times

CHIN2278 Travel and economic development in Chinese history

CHIN2280 Publishing and culture in Chinese history

CHIN2281 Regional development and local societies in south China in the Ming-Qing period

CHIN2283 Imperial China and the World

CHIN2284 / HKGS2001 Speaking of Hong Kong: Global voices

CHIN2285 /HKGS2013 Law, history and culture


CHIN3221 Thematic study in Chinese history and culture

C組:翻譯(一、二年級 初級課程)

Programme-level Outcomes — Translation

CHIN1311 Introduction to translation

CHIN2336 Interpretation workshop I

CHIN2361 Translation workshop E – C

CHIN2362 Translation workshop C – E

CHIN2333 Culture and translation

CHIN2352 Language contrast and translation I

CHIN2364 Bilingualism and Law: Perspectives from translation

CHIN2368 Translation and Social Media

CHIN2369 Subtitling: Concepts, Methods and Technology

CHIN2370 Principles of Translation

(三、四年級 高級課程)

CHIN2365 Applied translation studies

CHIN2351 Translation criticism

CHIN2332 / HKGS2021 Translation in Hong Kong society

CHIN2339 Translation for administration and business

CHIN2340 Film translation workshop

CHIN2341 Translating writings on art

CHIN2342 Interpretation workshop II

CHIN2343 Legal interpreting

CHIN2344 Short stories: East and West

CHIN2346 From page to stage: A workshop on drama adaptation and translation

CHIN2348 Bilingual studies in media and popular culture

CHIN2357 Bilingual communication in translation

CHIN2358 Journeys to the East: Translation and China in the Literary Imagination of the West

CHIN2363 Advanced Translation Workshop C – E

CHIN2367 Advanced Translation Workshop E – C

CHIN3312 Travel writing, literature, and translation


CHIN2320 Long translation

D組:香港研究(一、二年級 初級課程)

Programme-level Outcomes — Hong Kong Studies

HKGS1001 Hong Kong’s long twentieth century

HKGS1002 / CHIN1121 Introduction to contemporary Chinese literature

(三、四年級 高級課程)

HKGS2001 / CHIN2284 Speaking of Hong Kong: Global voices

HKGS2002 Hong Kong identities in local, national and global contexts

HKGS2004 Hong Kong’s economic growth: a modernisation and internationalisation miracle

HKGS2005 An anthropology of Hong Kong’s belief systems and religious practices

HKGS2006 Engendering Hong Kong: sociological and demographic perspectives

HKGS2007 Geographic Challenges: the ‘space premium’ and Hong Kong society

HKGS2008 / CHIN2183 Introduction to Hong Kong Cantopop lyrics

HKGS2009 We are what we eat: Hong Kong food and foodways

HKGS2011 Hong Kong: Whose city is it?

HKGS2012 Shop till you drop: the symbols of consumer culture in Hong Kong

HKGS2013 / CHIN2285 Law, history and culture

HKGS2014 / CHIN2172 Hong Kong literature

HKGS2015 / CHIN2184 Understanding Hong Kong through mass media

HKGS2016 / CHIN2185 Ghostly Hong Kong: Otherworldly configurations

HKGS2017 Postcolonial Studies: the case of Hong Kong

HKGS2018 / CHIN2130 Modern Chinese literature ( 1917-1949 ) : fiction

HKGS2019 / CHIN2153 Sinophone literature and film

HKGS2020 / CHIN2162 Cantonese linguistics

HKGS2021 / CHIN2332 Translation in Hong Kong society


HKGS3001 Hong Kong Studies research project

文學士及教育學士(語文教育)—— 中文

Programme-level Outcomes — BABED