Dr. CHU Ming Kin 朱銘堅博士

  • Assistant Professor
  • BSocSc (CityU), MA (HKU), PhD (Lingnan)
  • 852-39178911
  • 852-28581334
  • Rm 809, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
  • mk2chu@hku.hk

Chu Ming Kin is an Assistant Professor in Chinese History and Culture in the School of Chinese. Before he joined the School in 2017, he had been a Research Assistant Professor in The Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology at Hong Kong Baptist University, a lecturer in the Department of History at Hong Kong Shue Yan University and a postdoctoral research associate at King’s College London and Leiden University. His research interests include political, educational, institutional, social and cultural history in Middle-period China (Five Dynasties, Song and Yuan) and Chinese historiography.


研究計劃 Major Research Grants:

  • 2019-2020, Early Career Scheme (ECS), Research Grants Council (RGC), HKSAR Government
    Project Title: Literati Networks and Political Culture in the Early Southern Song: A study of the Social Networks of Sun Di and Li Gang
    Funded amount: HKD455,000
  • 2017-2019, Seed Fund for Basic Research for New Staff, The University of Hong Kong
    Project Title: A study of the epistolary writings of Sun Di
    Funded amount: HKD 147,970

代表性著述 Selected Publications:

專著 Monograph:

論文 Journal Articles and Book Chapters:

  • “The Imperial University in the Partisan Maelstrom: An Investigation of the Changes in Personnel at the Imperial University under the Reign of Emperor Zhezong in the Northern Song” (Article in Chinese, titled 黨爭漩渦中的太學─—以北宋哲宗朝太學的人事變動為中心作考察), New History Journal 新史學, Vol.29 No.2 (Jun. 2018), pp.63-118.
  • “Indigenous Elite Networks and Mongol Governance in Thirteenth-century North China”, The Bulletin of the Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology, Vol.5 (2018), pp.271-314.
  • “Pursuing Moral Governance: The Political and Social Implications of the Baxing (Eight Virtues) Scheme in Late Northern Song (960–1127) China”, Monumenta Serica: Journal of Oriental Studies, Vol.66 No.1 (2018), pp.33-70.
  • “Introduction: Letters and Literati Communication during the Song, Jin, and Yuan Dynasties (10th-13th Century)” (Article in Chinese, titled 導言: 「宋金元時期士人的書信往來與訊息溝通」專輯)(co-author, with Hilde DE WEERDT), Clio at Beida北大史學, Vol.20 (2016), pp.221-223.
  • “Literati network and communication during the Jin-Yuan transition: a study of the letters to Lü Xun in the Epistolary Writings of the Central Plain” (Article in Chinese, titled金元之際的士人網絡與訊息溝通——以《中州啟劄》內與呂遜的書信為中心), Clio at Beida北大史學, Vol.20 (2016), pp.286-310.
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  • “A brief survey of university graduates in 1104 – Supplement to Investigation on the records of Degree Holders in the Song Dynasty” (Article in Chinese, titled崇寧三年貢士小考 -《宋登科記考》增補), in Hui Chun-hing許振興, Choi Sung-hei 蔡崇禧and Leung Sze-lok梁思樂 (ed.), Yan Song er ji 研宋二集 (Xianggang: Xianggang Yan Song xuehui, 2014), pp.117-128.
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