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Dr. ZHANG Yu Emma 張宇博士

(Emma) Yu Zhang is currently a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Society of Fellows, Faculty of Arts. Her research interests include modern and contemporary Chinese literature and culture, the Chinese diaspora, socialism and postsocialism as well as the intersection of technology and modern culture. At HKU, she is working on a book project focusing on the cultural practices and representations of “going to the countryside” in China (1915-1965). She is also developing a new project examining the flows of overseas literature, intellectual writings, films, and TV dramas from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore into mainland China (late 1970s–early 1990s). Her research has been supported by a junior scholar grant from the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation and other fellowships. Before coming to HKU, she was an Assistant Professor at Randolph Macon College and a Visiting Assistant Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Selected Publications: