Prof. Guo Yingde 郭英德教授

  • Visiting Professor
  • BA (BNU), MA (BNU), PhD (BNU)
  • 852-39172737
  • 852-28581334
  • Rm 907, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU


Guo Yingde (PhD, BNU, 1989) is Professor of Traditional Chinese Literature and Chinese Classical Philology. He is Professor in the School of Chinese Language and Literature of  Beijing Normal University for more than 30 years. Professor Guo has published more than twenty books and more than 200 academic papers. His representative books include 《明清傳奇史》(History of the Chuanqi Drama in the Ming and Qing Dynasties , Jiangsu Ancient Books Press,1999; People’s Literature Press, 2012),《中國古代文體學論稿(Essays of the Study on the Literary genre in Ancient China , Peking University Press,2005)。Now he hosts the Major Project of the National Social Sciences Foundation of China (14ZDB066).

In Fall semester 2019, Professor Guo’s undergraduate courses are CHIN2145 Chinese theatre during the Yuan, Ming, and Qing periods, and CHIN2173 Topical studies of classical Chinese fiction.

代表性著述 Selected Publications:

Main Scholarly Monographs:

  • 2017, 《探尋中國趣味:中國古代文學的歷史文化思考》(Seeking Chinese Interest:Thingking of the Histiry and Culture about Ancient Chinese Literature), Beijing:The Commercial Press.
  • 2013, 《中國散文通史·明代卷》(The General History of Chinese Prose:Volume of Ming Dynasty)(cooperate with Zhang Dejian), Hefei:Anhui Education Press.
  • 2006, 《中國戲曲的審美精神》(On the Artistic Spirit of Chinese Drama), Taibei:National Press.
  • 2005,《中國古代文體學論稿》(Essays of the Study on the Literary genre in Ancient China),Beijing:Peking University Press.
  • 2005,《明清文學史講演録》(Record of the Lecture on History of the Literature in the Ming and Qing Dynasties),Guilin:Guangxi Normal University Press.
  • 2004,《明清傳奇戲曲文體研究》(Research on the Genre of Chuanqi Drama in Ming and Qing Dynasties),Beijing:The Commercial Press.
  • 1999,《明清傳奇史》(History of the Chuanqi Drama in the Ming and Qing Dynasties),Nanjing:Jiangsu Ancient Books),Beijing:People’s Literature Press,2012).
  • 1997, 《明清傳奇綜録》(Abstract of the Chuanqi Drama in the Ming and Qing Dynasties),Shijiazhuang:Hebei Education Press.

Recent and Important Essays in Journals:

  • 2018,“The Discourse on the Generic Patterns of San Wen(Prose)in The Catalogue of the Complete Library in Four Sections”(《四庫全書總目》論散文的文體形態特徵),Journal of Sun Yat-sen University 中山大學學報 4(2018),1-11.
  • 2017,“Imagination and Realism:Foreign Stories and Performances in Modern Chinese Opera”(想像與寫實:近代中國戲曲中的外國故事及表演),Seeker 求索 8(2017),25-34.
  • 2016,“Ritual and Symbol:On Drama Performance in Mao Xiang’s Dequan Hall in the 17th Year of Shunzhi Reign”(儀式與象徵:清順治十七年冒襄得全堂夜宴演劇述論),Lingnan Journal of Chinese Studies 嶺南學報 6(2016),63-88.
  • 2016,“Noise and Solitariness:The Fashioning and Self-fashioning of Playwright Tang Xianzu around the Year 1616”(喧囂與寂寞——1616年前後劇作家湯顯祖的自塑與他塑),Journal of Macao Polytechnic Institute 澳門理工學報  Vol.19,No.3(2016),5-21.
  • 2014,“From Speaking to Listening and from Writing to Reading as Tow Means of Ancient Chinese Stories Generation and Interactional Relation”(“說—聽”與“寫—讀”——中國古代白話小說的兩種生成方式及其互動關係),Academic Research 學術研究(Guangdong Shekelian 廣東社科聯),2(2014),134-141.
  • 2013,“Formation,Juxtaposition and Deduction of Multiple Spaces”(多重空間的形構、並置與演繹——李玉〈萬里圓〉傳奇的“空間”解讀),Literary Review 文學評論 4(2013),143-152.
  • 2013,“Interactions between the Literati and the Yaring:The Emergence of the Banyan Theory of the Ming Dynasty”(文士與優伶的互動:明代戲曲搬演論的生成)Social Sciences in China 中國社會科學 3(2013),141-160.(cooperate with Wang Mengxiao)
  • 2010,“An Overview of Research on Classical Chinese Drama in North America(1998-2008)”,Asian Theatre Journal,Vol.27,No. 1(2010),149-171.