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Prof. Guo Yingde 郭英德教授


Guo Yingde (PhD, BNU, 1989) is Professor of Traditional Chinese Literature and Chinese Classical Philology. He is Professor in the School of Chinese Language and Literature of  Beijing Normal University for more than 30 years. Professor Guo has published more than twenty books and more than 200 academic papers. His representative books include 《明清傳奇史》(History of the Chuanqi Drama in the Ming and Qing Dynasties , Jiangsu Ancient Books Press,1999; People’s Literature Press, 2012),《中國古代文體學論稿(Essays of the Study on the Literary genre in Ancient China , Peking University Press,2005)。Now he hosts the Major Project of the National Social Sciences Foundation of China (14ZDB066).

In Fall semester 2019, Professor Guo’s undergraduate courses are CHIN2145 Chinese theatre during the Yuan, Ming, and Qing periods, and CHIN2173 Topical studies of classical Chinese fiction.

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