Dr. Nicholas Y. H. WONG 王學權博士

  • Assistant Professor
  • BA (Columbia); MA, PhD (Chicago)
  • 852-39171952
  • 852-28581334
  • Rm 825, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
  • nyhwong@hku.hk

王學權,美國芝加哥大學比較文學博士。曾任香港大學人文榮譽學會(Society of Fellows in the Humanities)博士後研究員,主要研究方向為中國和東南亞的媒體和現代性、資源開採的文學政治、中英翻譯、跨國主義和離散、以及詩歌與詩學。目前正在撰寫專著《馬來半島的資源開採與去殖民化的華文文學與思想》,檢視馬華文學與思想文化的物質與地緣經濟史。 論文和譯作曾在或即將在CLEAR (Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews) 、Chapters on Asia、《譯叢》和PRISM 等期刊或論文集裡發表。

Nicholas Y. H. Wong (Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Chicago) was a postdoctoral fellow in the Society of Fellows in the Humanities at the University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on media and modernity in China and Southeast Asia, resource extraction literary politics, Chinese-English translation, transnationalism and diaspora, poetry and poetics. His book project, titled Resource Extraction and Decolonial Literary-Intellectual Chinese Thought from the Malay Peninsula, is a materialist and geoeconomic history of Mahua literature and intellectual culture. His articles and translations have appeared or are forthcoming in CLEAR (Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews), Chapters on Asia, Renditions, and PRISM.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters:

  • 2019. “Thai, Chinese and Malay Modern: Civilisational and Textual Discourses in Hsu Yun-Tsiao’s 1933 Diaries in Patani.” Chapters on Asia: Selected Papers from the Lee Kong Chian Research Fellowship, National Library Singapore, 49–70.
  • 2019. “The Imaginative Materialism of Wen in Ng Kim Chew’s Malayan Communist Writing.” Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (CLEAR) 40, 163–198.


  • 2021. Huang Chong-kai 黃崇凱. “Ramón, Adolfo, Ernesto, and Che” <拉蒙、阿道弗、埃內斯托還有切> (2020). English translation of and introduction to the Taiwanese writer’s novel, The Formosa Exchange《新寶島》(2021) (chapter excerpt). Renditions Vol. 96, CUHK, 101–128.
  • 2021. Chan Yeong Siew 張永修. “Searching for a Tiger” <尋虎> (2019). English translation of the Chinese-Malaysian short story. Practice, Research and Tangential Activities (PR&TA) issue 1, “Migrations.” https://www.pratajournal.com/searchingforatiger
  • 2020. A Leng 阿楞. “The Sea Lion that Jumped over Terraced Fields” <跳梯田的海獅> (2019). English translation of Cantonese-Mandarin speculative fiction. Transpacific Literary Project, Asian American Writers’ Workshop, “Monsoon Notebook,” under pen name Zhou Sivan. https://aaww.org/the-sea-lion-that-jumped-across-terraced-fields