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Dr. PANG Chin Chi 彭展賜博士

彭展賜博士,現為香港大學中文學院講師。歷任香港中文大學導師、香港教育大學講師。研究興趣包括訓詁學、古代文獻、高郵王氏父子及文字學。目前他正從事GRF研究課題:“新見王念孫《荀子》校本、王引之《經義述聞》稿本研究計劃” (2019-2021)。

Dr. Pang Chin-chi is the Lecturer of the School of Chinese. Before joining HKU, Dr. Pang worked as a tutor in CUHK, Lecturer in EdUHK. His research interests include Chinese Exegesis, Ancient Chinese Texts, The father-son duo Wang Niansun and Wang Yinzhi, Chinese Philology. He is currently co-principal investigator on the GRF project, “the newly-discovered Xunzi collated by Wang Niansun and Wang Yinzhi’s Jingyi shuwen manuscripts.” (2019-2021).

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