Dr. WANG Ding Kun 王定坤博士

  • Assistant Professor (in Translation)
  • BA (Nanjing Normal University); MA, PhD (ANU)
  • 852-39172737
  • 852-28581334
  • Rm 907, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
  • wdingkun@hku.hk


Dingkun Wang holds his Master degree in Translation Studies and PhD in Linguistics (Translation Studies) from The Australian National University. His research interests include audiovisual translation, online communities of practice and East Asian digital economies, film studies, and digital media culture.

Lectures and presentations:

  • Wang, Dingkun (2019). From Webtoon to Netflix and Beyond: Reflection on Global Streaming Adaptations. Research forum on ‘Webtoons and Transmedia Innovations in a New Digital Economy’. 27 September 2019. Korean Culture Centre, Sydney, Australia.
  • Wang, Dingkun (2019). The Complexity of Translation in the Fan-Made Video ‘Meeting Sheldon’. In the thematic panel on “Webtoon, Webnovel and Fan Video Platform Cultures in Asia and the Expanding Digital Creative Economy”, chaired by Prof. Brian Yecies. Panellists: Brian Yecies (University of Wollongong); Xiang Ren (Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture, Western Sydney Univeristy); Aeyung Shim (University of Wollongong), Dingkun Wang (Jiao Tong Baker Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, Shanghai Jiao Tong University).
    • ANZCA 2019 – Making Sense: Data, Publics and Storytelling, organised by the Australia and New Zealand Communication Association, 3-5 July 2019, the Museum of Australian Democracy, Canberra, Australia.
    • World Literature and the Global South Conference”. 23-25 August 2019, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia.
    • AoIR2019, organised by The Association of Internet Researchers, 2-5 October 2019, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.
  • Wang, Dingkun (2018). Virtual Communities of Fansubbing Practice in Contemporary China. 17 August, 2018. Research talk at the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture, Western Sydney University, Sydney, Australia.
  • Wang, Dingkun (2017). Translating Images of China in Contemporary Chinese Cinema: a Transcultural Reflection on the Sideway. Transfiction 4: Images as Translational Fictions (17-19 November, 2017; Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, China).
  • Wang, Dingkun (2016). When Ping Shu Meets Manga Through ‘Naruto’: A Case of Transmedia Localisation for Cultural Convergence. 2nd East Asian Translation Studies (EATS 2) Conference (9-10 July 2016; Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan).
  • Wang, Dingkun (2015). Strategies of Acculturation in the Audience Reception of Chinese Fansubbing Media in Australia. The session ‘Fansubbing 2’ of the 6th International Media for All Conference (16-18 September 2015; the Western Sydney University, Sydney, Australia).
  • Wang, Dingkun (2015). The Fansubs Utilising a Regional Language in China for Special Purposes – a Butterfly Effect of Fansubbing Beyond Audiovisual Marketplace. The session ‘Fansubbing in the World Context: Creativity, Conflicts and Controversy’, chaired by Dingkun Wang and Xiaochun Zhang during the 20th European Symposium on Languages for Special Purposes (8-10 July; University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria).
  • Wang, Dingkun (2012). Subtitles and the Reception of Subtitling in Modern China. The session ‘Subtitling Trends’ during the 9th International Conference of Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media (Languages and the Media) (November 21 – 23 2012; Hotel Berlin, Berlin, Germany).

Journal Articles:

  • Dingkun Wang, with Aegyung Shim, Brian Yecies and Xiang (Tony) Ren (2020) Cultural Intermediation and the Basis of Trust among Webtoon and Webnovel Communities. In ‘AoIR 2019 Conference: Trust in the System’, special issue of Information, Communication & Society, 23:6, 833-848, DOI: 10.1080/1369118X.2020.1751865
  • Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice, 28 (4), special issue on ‘Mapping Contemporary Audiovisual Translation in East Asia’. (co-edited with X. Zhang and A. S. Kuo)
  • Wang, Dingkun (2017). Fansubbing in China – With Reference to the Fansubbing Group YYeTs. JosTrans Review: The Journal of Specialised Translation (Issue 28).
  • Wang, Dingkun and Xiaochun Zhang (2017). Fansubbing in China: Technology Facilitated Online Activism. Translation in Times of Technocapitalism, Special Issue of Target – International Journal of Translation Studies. 29 (2): 301-318. (Referred by Luis Pérez-González in his chapter on ‘Fan Audiovisual Translation’ in the latest edition of Routledge Encyclopaedia of Translation Studies)
  • Wang, Dingkun and Xiaochun Zhang (2016). Censorship and Fansubbing in China. Translation, Cosmopolitanism and Resistance, Special Issue of Comunicação e Cultura (The Journal Communication & Culture): 87-107.
  • Wang, Dingkun and Xiaochun Zhang (2016). Ideological Manipulation in Honest Exposure of Sensitive Information: The Unusual Case of the Chinese-subtitled Version of House of Cards. Ideological Manipulation in Audiovisual Translation. Special Issue of Altre Modernità.
  • Wang, Dingkun (2014). Subtitling Humour in Transcultural Contexts. Chinese Semiotic Studies 10 (2): 267-281.

Book Chapters:

  • Wang, Dingkun. (2020). Censorship and Manipulation in Audiovisual Translation. In The Handbook of Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility, edited by Mikołaj Deckert and Łukasz Bogucki. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Wang, Dingkun and Xiaochun Zhang (2016). The Cult for Dubbing and Beyond – Fandubbing in China. In Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation in the Media, edited by Rachele Antonini and Chiara Bucaria. 173-192. Peter Lang: Frankfurt am Main. (Referred by Luis Pérez-González in his chapter on ‘Fan Audiovisual Translation’ in the latest edition of Routledge Encyclopaedia of Translation Studies)
  • Wang, Dingkun (2015). Subtitling – from a Chinese Perspective. In Subtitling Today: Shapes and Their Meanings, edited by Silvia Bruti and Elisa Perego. 203-220. Cambridge Scholar Press: Newcastle upon Tyne.