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Dr. Zhao Ming 趙明博士

趙明博士,香港大學中文學院助理教授。多年來主要從事漢語語言學與漢語作為第二語言教學的相關研究,他目前教授的本科課程包括BBED6715“漢語教學語法”,BBED6714“全球化語境下的中文作為母語教育”, CHIN1127“漢語語言學導論”,CHIN2177“漢語詞彙學” 與CHIN2150“漢語語言學概說”,並且擔任哲學碩士及哲學博士研究生導師。他已出版專著《現代漢語文化詞研究》及《明清漢語外來詞史研究》。趙博士的研究專長為漢語詞彙史、漢語詞彙語義學與漢語第二語言教學。他在國外漢語語言學重要刊物與國內語言學影響因數最高的刊物上發表過關於漢語詞彙語義學、明清漢語史與漢語作為第二語言教學的論文十餘篇。在社會服務方面,他目前承擔著相關領域國際專業期刊論文的匿名審稿工作。

M Zhao (PhD, PKU) is assistant Professor of Chinese Linguistics and Chinese Language Education. He joined the School in 2019, having been a supervisor of postgraduates of applied Chinese Linguistics and Chinese Linguistics in the School of Humanities, Xiamen University, Fujian, and before that a formal lecturer in Chinese at Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou. Dr Zhao has published more than ten academic papers in key journals of Chinese Linguistics abroad and journals with the highest impact factors of Linguistics in mainland China, specializing in Chinese lexical semantics, Ming-Qing Chinese and teaching Chinese as a Second Language. His books include Xiandai hanyu wenhuaci yanjiu《現代漢語文化詞研究》(Modern Chinese Cultural Words) and Ming Qing hanyu wailaici shi yanjiu《明清漢語外來詞史》(The History of Loanwords in Ming-Qing Chinese).

Zhao Ming’s monograph “Modern Chinese Cultural Words” is a good summary of his research findings over many years on the basis of his doctoral thesis. It is also a comprehensive and systematic interpretation of modern Chinese cultural words which has advanced research into cultural words to a new stage. This monograph makes an important contribution to the study of Chinese lexicology and will be used widely in applied lexicology especially in lexical teaching in Chinese as a foreign language. ——

Professor Zhào Jīnmíng, preface of “A Study on Modern Chinese Cultural Words” ,2016

His monograph “The History of Loanwords in Ming-Qing Chinese” was mainly cited and regarded as a necessary reference book for studying the history of loanwords by East Asia scholars in Chinese linguistics.

Dr Zhao’s undergraduate courses are CHIN1127 An Introduction to Chinese linguistics, CHIN2177 Chinese Lexicology, CHIN1150 A comprehensive survey of Chinese linguistics,BBED6715 Grammar acquisition and pedagogical grammar in Chinese as a second language and BBED6714 Teaching Chinese as a global language.

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