Mr. CHAN Wing Cheong 陳泳昌先生

  • B.Sc. (CUHK), M.Sc. (CUHK), M.Phil. (HKU)
  • Dr. FUNG Kam Wing

CHAN Wing Cheong is a Ph.D. student at the University of Hong Kong, with research interest in Chinese history of science and civilization. In 2013 he published a book “Gu Jin Li Shu Kao” (Chinese Calendrical Science and Astrology, Past and Present) which covers the concepts and the evolution of Chinese calendrical science from pre-Qin period to modern times. His recent research focus includes the compilation process of Chinese astrological literature, and the transmission of European astronomy to China during the Ming and Qing Dynasty.



  • Gu Jin Li Shu Kao 古今曆術考” (Chinese Calendrical Science and Astrology, Past and Present). Hong Kong: Joint Publishing Co. Ltd., 2013 (355 pages).

Book Chapter:

  • “You fenye biaoji shi lun Mingdai dong xi yang hanghai tu zhi chengtu niandai 由分野標記試論《明代東西洋航海圖》之成圖年代” (On the Composition Time of the Selden Map Based on a Study on Its Fenye Markings), in Fung Kam-Wing and Chen Jiarong (eds.), “Zhen lu lan lu針路藍縷” (Mapping Ming China’s Maritime World), Volume II – New Research into the Maritime Trades, Seafaring and Underwater Archaeology of the Ming Dynasty: Hong Kong Maritime Museum International Symposium Proceedings (Hong Kong: Hong Kong Maritime Museum and Chung Hwa Book Company, 2015), pp. 403-420 (18 pages).