Mr. Christian NORDVALL 王子安先生


Christian Nordvall is a Swedish PHD Candidate at the University of Hong Kong. He earned his B.A in Chinese Studies from the University of Uppsala, Sweden in 2011, and his M.A in Chinese Studies from Fudan University, China in 2014.

His research interests include the Confucian Classics and the literature of the Zhou, Qin and Han dynasties in general, with a special emphasis on their translation into Western languages. Nordvall also has an interest in the study of Chinese personal names.

Nordvall is currently researching the impact of James Legge on later English translations of the Confucian Classics.

List of Publication:

  • (forthcoming) The Inconsistent Translation of Posthumous Epithets. Translation Quarterly.
  • (2014) De svenska Lunyu-översättningarna – jämförelse och utvärdering. Orientaliska Studier nr. 139.
  • (2012) Namnet som kan uttalas är inte det verkliga namnet – om kinesers användning av engelska namn. Orientaliska Studier nr. 130.