Mr. HUNG Tak Wai 孔德維先生

  • PhD Candidate
  • Dr. SONG Gong

Hung Tak Wai is a Ph.D. candidate in The University of Hong Kong. He obtained his M.Phil. and B.A. in Religious Studies in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has been a Visiting Student of the Institute of Modern History of the Academia Sinica in 2106-2017. His academic interests mainly focus on intellectual history, religious history, and policies concerning minorities in the 18th to 20th century Asia. He has participated in academic conferences in Hong Kong, Taipei, Oxford, Helsinki, and Beijing. He has also published in peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Chinese Literary Studies, Sino-Christian Studies, Journal of Oriental Studies, and Chinese Culture Quarterly on religious policies, literary history, Confucianism, Mohism, Taoism, and Chinese Christianity.

List of Publications:

  • Hung Tak Wai, “Marginalized Christianity and Western Learning in Early 19th Century Confucians’ Understanding of Western Knowledge in Huangchao jingshi wenbian.” Sino-Christian Studies, no.23 (2017), pp.41-80.
  • 孔德維:〈神明的重構:《呂祖全書》對「斬黃龍」及「戲牡丹」的回應〉 [Reconstruction of Deity: The Lüzu quanshu (Complete Works of the Orthodox Lineage ofthe Patriarch Lü) on the myth of “Slaughtering Yellow Dragon” and “Molesting Moutan”]。《文學論衡》[Journal of Chinese Literary Studies],總第28期,2016年8月,頁79-92。
  • 楊國強、孔德維:〈由“宗教比較”到“救國”:張純一與《墨學與景教》〉[From Comparative of Religions to National Salvation: Zhang Chunyi and Mohism and Christianity]。《東方文化》[Journal of Oriental Studies],49.2期,2017年3月,頁63-82。
  • 孔德維:〈終極關懷與現實考量:魏源的天主教論述〉[Ultimate Concern and Political Agenda: View on Religions and Tianzhu jiao Discourse of Wei Yuan]。《九州學林》[Chinese Culture Quarterly],第38期,2017,已付印。
  • 孔德維:〈從儒者宗教觀重探基督宗教在中國的處境姚瑩與康輶紀行〉[Reconstruction of Confucian Views of “Religion” and Christianity in China during the Early 19 th Century: Yao Ying and Kangyou Jixing]。《景風》[Ching Feng: A Journal on Christianity and Chinese Religion and Culture],已付印。
  • 孔德維:〈處境、神話、象徵與意義──清中末葉儒士筆下之聖母形象〉[Context, Myth, Symbol and Meaning: St. Mary in Mid to Late Qing Reign Confucians Literati]。《大學海》[Eruditus],2017年,第四期,頁222-234。