Miss. MIAO Dong 繆冬女士

  • BA(HKU), Mphil student
  • Dr. Binbin YANG
  • u3502765@hku.hk


Miao Dong gained her Bachelor Degree from the University of Hong Kong in 2016, majoring in Chinese literature and Spanish, with a minor in Chinese history. She is now a Mphil student in the School of Chinese .Her research directions are focusing on Ming-Qing Literature, Women’s Literature and Gender Studies.


  • 2017, “從詠史到寫史:汪端的歷史敘事”,《大學海》第4期,頁210-221。

Conference Presentation:

  • June, 2017: 第二屆“當代史學建構中的性別議題:新理論、新領域、新解析”學者論壇

Paper presented:

  • “女性詩歌中的晚清時局”
    (Forthcoming)October, 2017: International Conference on “The Ming and Qing in the 21st Century: New Discoveries, New Perspectives, and New Horizons” (Hong Kong)
  • “Chaste Women in Poetry: Narrative Strategies Affirming Women’s Identity”