Ms. WEI Chenlin 魏琛琳女士


Wei Chenlin has a Bachelor’s Degree from the Department of Chinese Language & Literature at Xiamen University (2012), a Double Bachelor’s Degree in Law, and a Master’s Degree from The School of Liberal Arts at Renmin University of China (2015). She has studied in Sweden as an exchange student, and is now a PhD candidate at The School of Chinese at The University of Hong Kong. Her main research interests include European and American literature and comparative literature, translation theory, critical theory and cultural study. Her current research orientation is classical novels, cultural exchange between the East and the West, cultural identity, hermeneutics and the aesthetics of reception.

List of Publication:

  • The image of water in Shakespeare’s tragedy and comedy莎士比亞悲喜劇中的水意象. Hebei Academic Journal 河北學刊。
  • “A New Theory on Comparative Culture Finished with Effort and Immersion–Reading Gao Xudong’s Lecture Notes on the Comparison between Chinese Culture and Western Culture” 潛心磨鑄的比較文化新論——讀高旭東《中西比較文化講稿》. Comparative Literature in China 中國比較文學。
  • “A Comment and Analysis on Mill’s Thoughts of Individual and Social Liberty密爾的個人與社會自由思想評析. Journal of Hebei Normal University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition) 河北師範大學學報(哲學社會科學版)。
  • “Lu xun: a trans−century and trans−cultural survey對魯迅的跨世紀與跨文化的審視. China Culture Daily 中國文化報。
  • “National Social Science Fund Promotes the Prosperous Development of Literary Research” 國家社科基金助推文學研究繁榮發展. Guangming Daily 光明日報。
  • “A Comparison between the Documentary Lin Huiyin and Liang Sicheng and the Original Work” 梁思成林徽因——紀錄片與著作版之比較. China Television (TV theory)  中國電視(記錄)。