Ms. ZHANG Rui 張瑞女士

  • Ph.D. Student
  • Dr. LEE Tong King & Mr. Joseph POON Hon Kwong

Ph.D. student in Translation Studies (1st-year)
Tutor for “CHIN 2352: Language Contrast and Translation” (2013-14, 2015-16), “CHIN 1311: Introduction to Translation” (2013-14 Semester 2, 2015-16 Semester 2), “CHIN 2357: Bilingual Communication in Translation” (2014-15) and “CHIN 2361: Translation Workshop E-C” (2014-16).

Zhang Rui began her MPhil studies in the School of Chinese at The University of Hong Kong in the autumn of 2013. She is currently a PhD student in Translation Studies. She has been interested in the relationship between translation and cultural identity in contemporary Chinese context, interculturality and ideology in translation, and visual culture. With a concentration on Translation Studies, her studies also attend to contemporary Chinese art and culture.

List of Publication:

  • 2014. Methodological Issues in Translation Research in China: A Case Study. Guang Yi: Lingual, Literary, and Cultural Translation, 11: 219-246.