Ms. ZHU Mengwen 朱夢雯女士

Mengwen ZHU is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Chinese at the University of Hong Kong. She obtained her master’s degree in Chinese literature from Fudan University, and before that a dual-degree of B.M. and B.A. from Renmin University of China. Working primarily on early medieval Chinese literature, her research interests include classical poetry and poetics, Chinese literary theories and cultural history, Chinese court culture and literary production, as well as regional cultural differences and literary interaction. Her dissertation explores the Chinese literary map in the second half of the sixth century — the late period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties — by examining the war-forced relocation of literary figures, the rise and fall of political and cultural powers, and the changed dynamics in literary production and literary circles.

Ms ZHU received a scholarship from Harvard-Yenching Institute in August, 2014, and is currently conducting her research as a visiting fellow at Harvard University.


  • Shengse: Yongming shige yu gongting wenhua 聲色:永明詩歌與宮廷文化 (TRANSLATION WORK: FORTHCOMING)
    (ORIGINAL BOOK: Goh, Meow Hui. Sound and Sight: Poetry and Courtier Culture in the Yongming Era (483-493). Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2010)

Journal Articles:

  • “Shilun qiankeju shidai de xiucai shice jiqi yu Sui Tang keju zhi zhi lianxi” 試論前科舉時代的秀才試策及其與隋唐科舉之聯繫. Journal of Oriental Studies (東方文化), Hong Kong, 2014, 47(2): 93-106.
  • “Li Shangyin shi yingyi lunxi” 李商隱詩英譯論析. Translation Quarterly (翻譯季刊), Hong Kong, 2014, No.73: 73-106 (Special Issue: Intersections and Interconnections in Translation Research).
  • “Xiao Tong shige zhenwei ji xiangguan wenti kaolun” 蕭統詩歌真偽及相關問題考論 (second author, collaboration). Lanzhou daxue xuebao 蘭州大學學報. Lanzhou, 2012, no.3: 46-52.
  • “Lun Gongti shi de xihua miaoxie shoufa” 論宮體詩的細化描寫手法. Beijing huagong daxue xuebao北京化工大學學報. Beijing, 2010, no.4: 46-50.

Book Reviews:

  • Review: Ge Xiaoyin 葛曉音: Xian Qin Han Wei Liuchao shige tishi yanjiu 先秦漢魏六朝詩歌體式研究 (Stylistic Studies on Chinese Poetry from the Pre-Qin, the Han, the Wei to the Six Dynasties), Beijing 北京: Peking University Press, 2012
    Published in New Frontiers in Asian Scholarship, Harvard-Yenching Institute, 2015

Conference Papers:

  • “Shilun qian keju shidai xiucai shice de yanjin” 試論前科舉時代秀才試策的演進. Imperial Examination and Cifu: International Conference on Fu 科舉與辭賦:國際賦學研討會, March 21-24, 2014, Hong Kong