Writer-in-Residence Scheme 2015 — Wang Xiaoni




1. 公開演講
講 題:想像與現實──漢語詩歌40年
日 期:4月2日(星期四)
時 間:下午5時正至6時30分
地 點:百周年校園CPD-LG.09室

2. 中文學院師生座談會

3. 電台及報刊訪問

4. 訪問大專院校及中學並作演講

5. 2014-15年度香港大學新詩創作獎評審



Wang Xiaoni 王小妮: Writer-in-Residence in the School of Chinese

The Writer-in-Residence programme hosted by the School of Chinese at The University of Hong Kong was initially financed by an alumnal endowment and is now supported by the matching funds.  The primary purpose of this initiative is to further students’ interest in and understanding of modern Chinese creative writing.  Under this scheme, each year a writer of high stature and international renown is invited to visit the School for a two-month stint, engaging in a great variety of activities such as delivering public lectures, giving talks to staff and students of the School, conducting workshops and seminars, speaking in various tertiary institutions and secondary schools as well as serving as Adjudicator for “The Hong Kong University Modern Chinese Literature Award Competition”.  The Writers are also expected to produce literary works on subjects relating exclusively to Hong Kong.

Professor Wang Xiaoni, a poetess and essayist of great repute from Mainland China, has accepted our invitation to assume the role of Writer for the period March 1 – April 30, 2015.  The following events will be organized:

1. Public Lecture
Topic: “Fantasy and Reality: Forty Years of Chinese Poetry”
Date: April 2, 2015 (Thursday)
Time: 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.
Venue: CPD-LG.09, Centennial Campus

2. Staff-Student Seminar

3. Radio and Press Interviews

4. Public Speeches to be Delivered at Tertiary Institutions and Secondary Schools

5. The Hong Kong University Modern Poem Competition 2014-2015

Biographical Note

Wang Xiaoni

1955, born in Changchun city of Jilin province in China;

February 1978, admitted to Jilin University and majored in Chinese;

February 1982, worked as a literary editor in Editor Office of Changchun Film Studio;

April 1985, moved to Shenzhen;

1986, transferred her household register to Shenzhen;

1991, worked in Shenzhen Film Enterprise ( now known as Shenzhen Film Studio under the Shenzhen Media Group );

2005, began teaching as a professor in Humanities and Communications College of Hainan University, and retired in 2012.

Selected Bibliography

Collections of poetry: My Fire Wrapped in My Paper; Half of Me in Pain; To Another World (published in Taiwan Showwe); Something Crosses My Mind (published in Chinese and English by The Chinese University Press).

3 Novels: Girl and Bird Flying Low; A Circumference of Forty Li; In 1966.

More than 20 essays including: Why the World is Vast, Go-as-you-please Notes, Chinese Heartland Tour, Settle Down, Class Notes, and Class Notes 2.